What are the Ford Driver Alert and Lane Keeping Aids?

The Ford Driver Alert and Lane Keeping Aids use a camera mounted at the top of the windscreen to monitor the road ahead of the vehicle. The images from the camera are continuously analysed to detect driver fatigue and lane markings, typically solid or dashed white lines that delineate the edges of a lane or carriageway.

How do they work?

The Ford Lane Keeping Aid works in two ways. As the car drifts towards the lane marking, a slight steering torque is automatically applied away from the line, towards the centre of the lane. This steering torque is very gentle but is enough to be sensed by the driver to act as an indication that corrective action should be taken.

Secondly, when the Lane Keeping Aid detects that the car has drifted over a line, the steering wheel vibrates as a warning to the driver.

Fords Driver Alert system also uses the forward looking camera to monitor the vehicle position in the lane and calculates a vigilance level for the driver. If this vigilance level drops below a certain value (e.g. potentially indicating the driver is tired), the vehicle will issue a visual and audible warning.

Note: The Driver Alert and Lane Keeping Aids do not function if the driver uses the direction indicators, signalling a deliberate lane change.

The Ford Driver Alert and Lane Keeping Aids are available as optional extras across all new Ford cars from TC Harrison Ford dealerships, except for the new Ford Ka.

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