Thomas 'Cuthbert' Harrison - TCH

TC Harrison

Thomas Cuthbert Harrison was born in July 1906, in the early days of the automobile. Cuth was immediately attracted to this new advancement and in 1931 he opened a small vehicle repair business in Sheffield, on Abbeydale Road.

Today known as TC Harrison Ford, Cuth built a thriving business and in turn gained a respected reputation.

Introduction to Motor Racing

Cuth's introduction to the world of motor racing started in the 1934 season at Donington Park, he raced a Ford 8 hp touring car, which he had converted into a single seater racing car. The car was very fast but was not capable of sustaining high speeds for long periods of time. In 1938, this time driving a 1934 ex-works Riley lmp, TCH entered the Donington TT Race.

This was his first big event in the racing world and it proved to be a very quick race with TCH finishing in 3rd place in the 1100cc class – a very fast drive. 1947 was really the start if the big time racing for TCH as he decided to go in for Grand Prix which only accepted expert drivers.

Cuth had to prove his racing abilities time after time and had to drive a very capable fast car, which had to meet strict regulations. As a racing driver TCH was fearless and completely relaxed despite the impossible speeds and handling. He was quickly recognised as being one of the fastest drivers in the world.