Happy Birthday to the Ford Fiesta!

Three cheers for the UK's best-selling car of all time.

This year marks the Ford Fiesta's 40th birthday, with the first deliveries taking place in the summer on 1976, we can hardly believe the amazing journey that got the Fiesta to where it is now!

The Mk 1 Fiesta (the smallest car ever built by Ford by this point) was Ford of Europe's first collaborative car, codenamed 'Bobcat', with engines built in the UK and Spain, transmissions in France, and final assembly in both Dagenham in Essex and Valencia in Spain.

The model's development began in 1972 and very quickly became hugely popular, proving that small hatchbacks had their place in the market. Since then, the B-segment, as it has become known, is the biggest and most hotly contested section of the European car market.

The Fiesta was also Ford's first mainstream invasion into front-wheel-drive, and later came to set the precedent for all of the brand's future compact car packaging, in Europe and the rest of the world.

Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta

40 years later, and now in its seventh generation, the Fiesta is a civilised and desirable car, with excellent handling and comfort. It may have taken a few years to get where it is now, but it has won millions of fans along its journey to greatness.

Today, there are very few people in Britain who have not driven, or been driven, in a Fiesta at some point in their life. The Fiesta has truly become part of the fabric of British society and a genuine icon for all to look up to. And, given that it still leads the UK's sales charts after a staggering 40 years, it's far from over the hill.

To find out more about the Fiesta and its incredible journey to the top, contact your local TC Harrison dealer and a member of our team will be happy to help. Or, view our new Fiesta offers to bag your own slice of birthday greatness.

Happy Birthday old friend, and many happy returns!