Ford to make the award winning 1.0-Litre EcoBoost engine even better with Cylinder Deactivation Technology!

Ford recently announced that their award winning 1.0-Litre EcoBoost petrol engine will soon be offered with innovative cylinder deactivation technology for even further reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency. In early 2018, it will become the first three-cylinder engine in the world to feature cylinder deactivation technology, and defies industry opinion that a three-cylinder, variable capacity engine could not deliver the refinement needed for passenger car applications.

How will it work?

In conditions where full engine capacity is not needed, such as when coasting or cruising with light demand on the engine, the 1.0-Litre EcoBoost will automatically stop fuel delivery and valve operation for one of the engine's cylinders, reducing fuel consumption and, in turn, running costs! The technology can disengage or re-engage one cylinder in 14 milliseconds - that's 20 times faster than the blink of an eye! Combined with advanced solutions to counteract vibrations, cylinder deactivation will be imperceptible to the driver in terms of operation and engine performance.

Sophisticated software will determine the optimum moment to deactivate the cylinder based on many factors including speed, throttle position and engine load.

Bob Fascetti, vice president of Global Powertrain Engineering for Ford Motor Company, said: "Ford has pushed back the boundaries of powertrain engineering once again to further improve the acclaimed 1.0-Litre EcoBoost engine, and prove that there is still untapped potential for even the best internal combustion engines to deliver better fuel efficiency for customers."

More Information

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