Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 surprises everyone at this year's MPG Eco Marathon! The 'Stang achieves a 75% improvement on official combined figures

What is the MPG Marathon?

It's pretty much exactly like it sounds! The UK MPG Marathon is a yearly event open to all production cars and commercial vehicles, and challenges competitors to find the most efficient route between set checkpoints over a two-day, 300-mile event, while using as little fuel as possible. The marathon is sponsored by the likes of ALD Automotive and Fleet World, and often attracts celebrities, motoring journalists, academics, and senior figures from the automotive industry to take part.

MPG Marathon 2016

The yearly MPG Marathon is usually the place for the likes of 1.4 litre Diesel engines pushing 90-100mpg. Impressive, but not exactly exciting! Well, this year told a different story, as rally drivers Andrew Marriott and Andy Dawson got behind the wheel of the new Ford Mustang 5.0 litre V8 to bring some muscle to the usual car-crawling event.

Obviously, no one expected it to win; the Ford Mustang is, after all, loved for it's masculine style and aggressive power. But, the powerhouse's performance has turned quite a few heads and left it standing high above the rest in its performance versus the official economy figures. The Ford Mustang finished the MPG Marathon with an impressive 36.6mpg, a 75% improvement over the car's official economy figure of 20.9mpg - that's the biggest improvement over manufacturer's claimed mpg in the MPG Marathon's 14-year history!

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Ford Mustang at the MPG Marathon 2016

Ford's Success at the MPG Marathon

Before the Mustang's achievement this year, the previous highest improvement on manufacturer figures was 58.2%, achieved in 2014 by a Ford Fiesta ST-3 1.6 litre EcoBoost, with a staggering 75.77mpg compared to the official combined fuel consumption figure of 47.9mpg. Ford were also the outright winners of the 2013 MPG Marathon in a Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Titanium Econetic, which achieved a whopping 88.69mpg. The same year also saw the Ford Fiesta Sport Van reach an impressive 108.82mpg, winning the van section of the MPG Marathon. All goes to cementing Ford's place as one of the forerunners of fuel economy.