TC Harrison Ford and Heart Cambridgeshire play 'Gone in 66 Seconds' to give 5 lucky listeners £250!

To celebrate the new 66 plate Ford Edge being available now from TC Harrison Ford, we held the 'Gone in 66 Seconds' competition on Heart Cambridgeshire to give listeners a chance to win £250 every morning from Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2016.

But to win the cash, they had to be fast!

Between 6.45 and 8am each morning Kev & Ros on Heart Breakfast ventured out in the new Ford Edge to find and describe the house of a randomly selected registered competitor. They then had just 66 seconds to run out of the house and touch the car to win their £250; but if they didn't make it out on time, they won nothing!

Huge congratulations to the 5 lucky (and quick!) winners who managed to snatch up their £250 without any problems: Michelle, Wendy, Lucy, Gareth, and Anna!

Whether it's the city streets or packed up for the weekend, the new Ford Edge with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive provides an extra measure of confidence on every trip, now available from TC Harrison Ford from only £29,995!

We regularly posted updates on the competition on our social media, so like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for information on upcoming competitions and your chance to win!