Ken Block's Gymkhana SEVEN is Here!

Ken Block's hugely popular Gymkhana series returns for our viewing pleasure with Gymkhana SEVEN; Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles. The Ford sponsored driver demonstrates his superior driving skills once again by hooning around in a Ford Mustang, that certainly doesn't skimp on the entertainment.

The video sees the Hoonigan Racing Division professional rally driver, replace his old Fiesta ST with an 845bhp, four-wheel-drive, 1965 'Notchback' Ford Mustang! Ken, who's also competed in skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, lives up to his reputation in this latest video with his usual trick of destroying as many rear tyres as possible, drifting, doing donuts and showcasing a more-than-impressive acceleration around some of Los Angeles' most iconic locations

We've got the entire 12 minutes of driving madness for you below so sit back and enjoy it now! ...Just a reminder though, don't try this at home!

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