The Diesel Dilemma - How do you know which new Ford is right for you in such confusing times?

The Government has been causing confusion amongst drivers with plans to target diesel vehicles with extra tax charges that do not meet the Euro 6 emissions standards and petrol cars that do not meet Euro 4 standards.

There's also been the recent announcement that only electric cars and vans will be sold in the UK by 2040 - so how do you know what to buy now?!

At TC Harrison Ford we want to help all our customers looking to buy the best new car or new van to suits their needs and so we take an objective look at why you should still consider a diesel from the UK’s favourite manufacturer as your next choice.

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Why has the Government turned against diesels?

The recent announcements are part of a Government strategy to combat air pollution in cities as we repeatedly breach air pollution limits set by the European Commission. As a result there has been a massive u-turn in the official opinion of diesel cars and diesel in the media. The nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by diesel engines is one cause of air pollution but diesel engines also continue to develop and become cleaner, faster and more fuel efficient.

With the introduction of extra tax charges for the oldest, highest-polluting diesels if they’re driven in urban areas at peak times, soon drivers of petrol and diesel vehicles registered before 2006 that do not meet the Euro 4 and 6 standards will have to pay a new Toxicity Charge in cities like London - 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Despite a quarter of new cars being registered with emissions of 99g/km or less, demonstrating the improvements car makers have made in reducing CO2 emissions, the Government has also changed the road tax banding system for new cars so we all now pay more, meaning the Government has been raising far less funds in road tax.

So what does it mean if you already own a diesel or you are thinking of buying a new one?

When we separate the facts form the myths, it becomes clear that modern diesels actually have plenty going for them and YES, you should still be considering a new diesel Ford. Drivers should not fear this type of fuel. The shift in opinion overlooks the logical reasons why diesels were incentivised in the first place - putting less CO2 in the air, reducing concerns around greenhouse gases and global warming.

If you own an older diesel car you could move out of the city or stop driving altogether, or you could just upgrade. Upgrading to a new Ford car and choosing a more economical option such as the award-winning 1.0 Ford EcoBoost petrol powertrain will emit you from the new congestion zones in Cities.

The latest diesel-engined Ford models, all comply with the Euro 6 regulations and are the cleanest they've ever been too. The all-new Ford EcoBlue Engine is in fact a diesel game changer - offering more power and more torque whilst being cleaner and more fuel efficient. The 2.0 TDCi engine found in the new Ford Edge for example, has two power options, both of which incorporate cutting edge technology to provide the optimum performance and economy, with minimal emissions. Models such as the Focus ST Diesel also highly compare to their petrol counterparts but offer better fuel economy.

Ford Scrappage Scheme

Right now there's also the New for Old Ford Scrappage scheme available at TC Harrison which helps you reduce your CO2 emissions and improve your fuel economy by upgrading your car, meaning you get drive away in a new Ford and we'll scrap your old model responsible.

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Also, change drives us forward...

It's understandable that people are worried about the changes to petrol and diesel cars and the enforcement of electrification too. At the moment homes and workplaces can’t cope with electric cars and the cars themselves aren’t capable of long distance journeys without being recharged, so it’s not an attractive prospect. This isn’t the first time the automotive industry has had to cope with such change though and it’s amazing how quickly these big impactful changes are embraced and become the norm.

As automotive dealers for over 85 years we've seen our fair share changes. 20 years ago cars looked very different, engines were bigger, CO2 emissions were higher and fuel consumption wasn't as big a problem. In just over 20 years the car buying process will look completely different again as manufacturers and dealers will be gearing up for electrification. At TC Harrison Ford, we'll be approaching these changes as another exciting step forward in the automotive journey and we encourage our customers to do the same.

If you are confused about which new Ford is right for you right now, then please contact the new car sales team at your local TCH Ford dealership where we will be happy to assist you.

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