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Ford Care Code at TC Harrison

The following measures have now been introduced at all of our dealerships

Social Distancing Measures

Safeguarding and Social Distancing Guidance For All Customers

From 24th July Face Coverings will be mandatory for all people visiting our dealerships.

Our prime focus is everyone's safety and maintaining social distancing for both customers and staff. At TCH we would like to reassure you that we are following the latest Government advice and all sites will now feature the following steps to help maintain social distancing and reduce direct contact as much as possible:

TC Harrison will be limiting the number of people in dealership premises at any one time and ask that no more than 2 people attend sites for vehicle handovers.

Face Coverings will be mandatory for anyone stepping inside our dealerships, this will be mirrored by all our customer-facing staff and thus entering customer spaces.

Customer Flow Management Systems: we have introduced one way routes taking you to reception and to your exit from the dealership, while maintaining the 2m distancing rule.

Public Hand Sanitiser stations, with PPE available upon request.

TCH Reception staff have relevant PPE and guidance on use for your protection.

Protective Screens in customer contact areas for any necessary face to face discussions with our service advisors and sales teams.

TCH encourages card payments or bank transfers to remove the need to handle money when paying invoices.

Technicians have relevant PPE including sanitiser, gloves, seat covers, face shields etc, while working on vehicles.

Vehicle keys will be sanitised and protected prior to collection.

Technicians are using Virucidal disinfectant to wipe touch points within the vehicle after work is completed*

Although we can ensure you of our best endeavours and the use of a disinfectant that gives virucidal activity against viruses including Coronavirus, influenzas etc, TCH would encourage all customers to take induvial responsibility in maintaining good hygiene disciplines within your own vehicle after other people have been in it.
Sales Social Distancing Measures

What Our Sales Departments Look Like

On reopening our dealership sales teams have been briefed and will be adhering to strict distancing rules. The biggest change will mean that where possible sales paperwork will be completed remotely prior to vehicle handover, this reduces both contact on site, as well as time spent in our dealerships. Once on site strict distancing measures are in place.

Vehicle handovers will also be done at a distance, with all important controls being explained prior to you leaving the site and more in depth explanations being done remotely, via email, telephone or video chat as needed.

For a brief summary of what to expect please watch the video below
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Sales Social Distancing Measures

What to expect when you service your vehicle at TCH

Our service teams have been briefed and will be adhering to strict distancing guidance. This will mean one-way systems are installed in our dealerships to assist customer flow in the safest ways, sanitiser stations are available at all sites and the service reception teams will be wearing PPE and operating behind protective screens for our joint safety; as a result of safety controls our processes will be slower than normal so we would like to request our customers patience while we assist everyone as quickly as possible.

For a brief summary of what to expect please watch the video below:
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Safeguarding Measaures

What Our Other Sites Have Done

Social Distancing At Our Sites

Although the above videos were filmed at our Derby and Peterborough sites respectively, we want to reassure customers that no matter which TC Harrison Ford Dealership you visit, the same precautions are in place.

PPE and Santisers

Santisisation stations are availalbe at all our dealerships and we welcome our customers to use these when enetering our showrooms. PPE will be worn by all staff and is avaialble to customers upon request for our joint safety.
Service Social Distancing Measures at sites
Service Social Distancing Measures at sites