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What is Ford Active City Stop?

Active City Stop

What is Ford Active City Stop?

Ford Active City Stop is a system which helps to reduce accidents at low speeds and can help a driver to entirely avoid a collision with an obstacle in front. Active City Stop does not give the driver a warning and brakes very hard, very late. The way the system intervenes is not comfortable so that drivers do not become reliant on it for avoiding around-town accidents.

How does it work?

Active City Stop uses a light-detecting and ranging sensor to scan the road ahead 50 times every second, to help prevent collisions at speeds of up to 10mph and to help reduce the severity of impacts at speeds below 20mph.

Active City Stop calculates the risk of hitting a stationary or slow-moving object and pre-charges the brake system to deliver maximum braking response. If the driver does not respond by braking or evasive steering then the system applies the brakes, reduces engine torque, and activates the rear hazard warning lights. 

If the driver intervenes to try and avoid the accident, either by accelerating hard or by steering, Active City Stop will deactivate.

Need more information?

Active City Stop is available from TC Harrison Ford on the new Ford FiestaFord FocusFord B-MAXFord C-MAXFord Grand C-MAX and Ford Kuga.

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