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What is Ford EcoMode?


What is Ford EcoMode?

Ford EcoMode monitors your driving and provides feedback on your driving style to help you become a more economical driver.

How does it work?

Through the trip computer, Ford ECOmode monitors vehicle speed, RPM, engine torque and engine temperature, as well as the position of the clutch, gear lever and accelerator, and even the percentage of cold-engine short trips made. EcoMode then feeds all this information back to the driver via displays on the dashboard, rating the driver's fuel economy using a system of three flower icons, which represent gear shifts, anticipation and speed. Each of the flower icons has five petals, and the more economical you drive, the more petals light up.

Ford estimates that motorists can realistically save around 5 percent of their fuel consumption by changing their driving style with the help of EcoMode, which can put pounds back in the pocket of the driver rather than the petrol station.

Need more information?

EcoMode was launched on the Ford Focus Econetic which received outstanding feedback from customers since its introduction so Ford has since rolled it out across the rest of the new car model range.

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