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New Ford Focus Technology

The brand new Ford Focus is the most driver-centric and technologically advanced design yet, with class-leading driving dynamics and a sporty, aerodynamic design.
Ford worked closer with customers than ever before to design and build the new Focus from the ground up, combining high quality materials and craftsmanship with more interior space and smooth, comfortable driving.


Driver Assistance Technologies

The new Ford Focus has the most advanced range of confidence-inspiring technologies to date, making it safer to drive. The Focus has been awarded the strictest Euro NCAP five-star rating with technologies synonymous with Level 2 automation.
Ford Co-Pilot360 is designed to make driving safer and less demanding, enhancing protection, driving and parking. Ford’s Active Cruise Control builds on this with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centring, helping you to maintain the ideal speed, distance from other vehicles and keeping in your lane. Stop & Go helps bring the vehicle to a complete halt in demanding stop-start traffic, which uses up to 50% of total braking force, and automatically pulls away if the stopping duration is less than three seconds.
Your visibility is improved with the help of Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System, which has Predictive curve light and Sign-based light, cleverly adjusting the headlamp patterns for maximum visibility, especially helpful before reaching a curve, junction or roundabout. The system also adjusts the intensity of the beam to match your environment, and has Glare-free high beam to prevent dazzling other drivers.

Keep Connected

The new Ford Focus introduces FordPass Connect with embedded modem technology, which turns the car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect to up to 10 devices. The technology also helps drivers to play faster and less stressful journeys with Live Traffic updates that keep you aware of the road ahead.
There’ll be no more worrying about remembering chargers and tackling a tangles as the centre console features a new Wireless charging pad, which can automatically detect compatible devices and charge them up.
FordPass Connect also allows for: Vehicle Location, Vehicle Status (including fuel levels, oil life and more), Door Lock Unlock for remote access, Remote Smart (eight-speed automatic only) and eCall functionality, which helps in case of accidents.

Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD)

The Focus includes Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) technology for the first time, providing independent front and rear suspension systems for added safety and smoother driving. The intelligent system monitors the suspension, body, steering and braking inputs every two milliseconds and adjusts the damping responses accordingly for refined ride quality.
The impressive system enables Pothole Detection, which reduces the impact of driving through potholes. The system senses potholes and instantly adjusts the damper so that the wheel doesn’t fall as far into the hole, effectively skimming over it and meaning that the tyre doesn’t strike the opposite side of the pothole as harshly.
CCD also means that the Focus can have Drive Mode technology for the first time, enabling drivers select Normal, Sport or Eco mode to adjust throttle pedal, Electronic Power Assisted Steering and ACC characteristics to match the driving system.

Head-up display

The new Focus is the first Ford in Europe to feature Head-up display, a clever clear display which projects information into the driver’s field of vision, helping to keep their eyes on the road. It has one of the largest fields of view of any Head-up display available, measuring 6 degrees by 2.5 degrees and is the first of its type that can be read even when users are wearing polarised lenses.
Speed information is always projected and, depending on the vehicle specification, you can also view Traffic Sign Recognition, ACC, navigation, Shift Indicator, entertainment system, and emergency notifications.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection

The advanced Ford Pre-Collision Assist technology includes Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, which can sense if there are people in or near the road ahead or could potentially cross the vehicle’s path. If there is a potential collision approaching, the system issues warnings to the driver and, should the driver not respond to warnings, will automatically apply the brakes to prevent collision.
The previous system could detect pedestrians but the new Focus system can now detect cyclists and function in the dark using light from headlamps. The system was fully tested by Euro NCAP who confirmed just how effective the technology is.

Additional Ford Focus Technologies

  • Evasive Steering Assist uses radar and a camera to detect slow moving and stationary vehicles ahead, and provides steering support that helps drivers to manoeuvre around a vehicle to prevent collision
  • Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert helps drivers to reverse out of driveways and parking spaces, informing you if any vehicles that may soon be passing behind you and can now apply brakes to avoid potential collision
  • Rear wide-view camera offers nearly 180 degrees of vision, which is helpful when reversing
  • Ford MyKey adds additional safety features which are especially helpful with younger drivers, inhibiting features such as incoming phone calls, high speeds and deactivating safety features

All-New Ford Focus Reveal Highlights

All-New Ford Focus Reveal Highlights

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