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Intelligent All Wheel Drive system

Intelligent All Wheel Drive system

All about intelligent All-Wheel Drive

iAWD system automatically adjusts to changing road conditions in a fraction of a second. It continuously monitors wheel speed, throttle position and steering angle to deliver the optimal amount of front and rear torque.

This helps give drivers improved vehicle control and a feeling of confidence.

At low speeds iAWD concentrates on improving traction to support drive away and manoeuvring on slippery surfaces or at high torque levels. For instance, if the front wheels are on ice and the rear ones aren’t, iAWD sends extra torque to the rear, putting power where it’s needed. When you’re driving faster it moves focus to delivering superb handling and a wonderfully responsive driving experience, while keeping an eye on traction. To do this it monitors the way you are driving and constantly fine-tunes itself.

iAWD display located in the cluster shows torque distribution between wheel.

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