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What is Ford Perpendicular Parking?

Perpendicular Parking

What is Ford Perpendicular Parking?

Ford manufacturers have introduced another extraordinary addition to the technology in their cars, with hands-free, Perpendicular Parking. This new function helps you park your Ford in any car parking space, with zero pressure.

How does it work?

With Perpendicular Parking, backing in or out of a car parking space is made incredibly simple and a lot safer thanks to the use of high-tech sensors.

Ford's original Active Park Assist feature was designed to make locating and reversing into a parallel parking place as simple as possible. Ultrasonic sensors help to find a suitable spot and while the driver controls the vehicle's accelerator and brake, the parking system handles manoeuvring. The addition of two new sensors allows for Perpendicular Parking assistance too, ensuring there's always help at hand regardless of the situation.

What's more, the inclusion of new sensors has made reversing out of parking spaces not only easier but safer too. You can also opt for Cross Traffic Alert, designed to make reversing drivers aware of other road users who may be about to cross their path at the rear of the vehicle. There's also the Park-Out Assist feature, which has been developed to lend a hand when exiting parallel parking spaces. All the driver needs to do is select whether they're reversing out on the left or right-hand side of the road, and the system will then take over the steering, leaving the driver to concentrate on braking and acceleration.

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