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What is Ford Torque Vectoring Control?

Torque Vectoring Control

What is Ford Torque Vectoring Control?

Ford Torque Vectoring Control (TVS) continuously balances power between the front wheels for exceptional control and handling when you're accelerating through corners.

How does it work?

Ford Torque Vectoring Control uses the braking system to imitate the effect of limited-slip differential, constantly balancing the distribution of engine output between the driven front wheels to suit driving conditions and road surface.

When accelerating through a tight corner, the system applies an imperceptible degree of braking to the inside front wheel, so that more engine torque goes to the outside wheel, providing additional traction, better grip and improved vehicle handling.

The system is designed to elevate skill sets across a broad range of drivers. It will delight experienced and enthusiastic drivers but also provides less-experienced drivers with confidence and a better sense of vehicle control, especially when driving in difficult conditions.

Need more information?

Ford Torque Vectoring Control is available on all our Ford Focus models including the new Focus ST and the new Fiesta ST as standard. It will also be introduced on the new Ford Mustang and 2016 Focus RS. Order yours at any TC Harrison Ford dealership today.

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