Ford Focus vs Ford Fiesta: A Comparison

Two of Ford’s most popular models are the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta is a hot hatch with smaller dimensions than the Ford Focus but the Ford Focus makes an excellent family car. Despite a number of similarities, they also have a number of differences that should be considered when buying a new or used Ford car. This guide will discuss the two models to help you decide which is best for you.

In this guide:

Learn more about available engine sizes and options available when choosing between a Ford Focus and a Ford Fiesta.

Find out more about the interior features you can expect to find when buying a Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta. 

Learn more about the available trim levels in the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta ranges.

Compare the costs of both cars to help decide which car is best for you.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta to find the perfect new or used car for your needs.

Engine sizes & options

Both of these models are well-established leaders in the hatchback market. The latest generations of the Fiesta and the Focus offer the Ecoboost engine which provides a powerful, exciting drive coupled with exceptional fuel economy (with an MPG of 65.7 in the Fiesta and 61.4 in the Focus).

In addition, the Ecoboost engine will allow you to benefit from free road tax, thanks to its low emissions.

The Ecoboost engine shines in the smaller, lighter Fiesta but diesel alternatives are available in both models including:

  • 5L TDCi engine
  • 6 TDCi engine

The 1.5L TDCi engine also benefits from free road tax too.

When buying a brand new Fiesta, a hybrid Ecoboost engine is now offered, combining the award-winning engine with an electric motor to provide even better MPG.

The brand new Ford Focus is available with:

  • 5L Ecoboost petrol engine
  • 5L or 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine
  • Ecoboost hybrid engine

Interior features

Both models have a similar, ergonomic and high-quality interior design which has a sporty feel to it.

The Ford Focus excels in terms of space with its extra legroom, headroom and a bigger boot space, with a capacity of 316 litres in comparison to the Ford Fiesta’s 290 litres, which can be expected of a larger vehicle.

The Fiesta has a higher, less sporty driving position than the Focus so if you’re choosing a car based on driving position, the right model for you will depend on the position you prefer.

In the past, it has been suggested that the great interior design of the Fiesta is let down only by the high number of buttons around the centre console. The new interior has added a touch of simplicity by reducing the number of buttons in favour of an eight-inch touch screen for a more ergonomic feel.

The same can be said for the Ford Focus too, which now features the all-new SYNC3 infotainment system. The Ford Focus also features driver assistance features which makes everything from parking to staying in lane much easier.

Trim levels

Ford currently offer a variety of trim levels for the Fiesta and the Focus.

The new Ford Focus is currently available in the following trims:

  • Ford Focus ST – this is a high performance Ford Focus family hatchback that comes with a sportier style than the other models.
  • Ford Focus ST-Line – these models offer sporty style similar to the Ford Focus ST models but without the speed or price tag.
  • Ford Focus Active – this model is based on the traditional Ford Focus but adds extra bumper trims and lifted suspension to provide an SUV style family car.
  • Ford Focus Vignale – this car offers additional equipment and style tweaks when compared to the other models to provide a more luxurious car with the traditional style and drive of the Ford Focus.

When looking for a used Ford Focus, you will be able to choose from all of the above including:

  • Ford Focus Titanium – this is the top spec Ford Focus you can choose from and includes a huge number of features both internally and externally.
  • Ford Focus Zetec – this is an entry level Ford Focus and is perfect if you’re looking for a simple car that works well as both a city car and for motorway driving.

From the SUV-crossover style with a raised ride height and tougher suspension to the ST and ST-Line versions which offer sportier versions of the car inspired by Ford Performance, the Focus range offers something for every driver.

The new Fiesta is available in the following trims:


When purchasing from new, the Ford Focus starts from £17,930 whilst the Fiesta starts from £13,715 because it is a more compact car.

With the same trims offered in both models, Ford has made it easier for customers to decide on the best car.

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Ford options representative example for new Ford Focus models

Ford Focus ST-line offer

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Ford options representative example for new Ford Fiesta models

Ford Fiesta Titanium Offer

The verdict

The Ford Fiesta is smaller and comes with a smaller price tag than the Ford Focus which is perfect if you’re looking for a smaller sized hatchback vehicle. Its lower weight also allows the award-winning EcoBoost engine to excel in ways that the heavier Ford Focus does not allow.

The Fiesta is a great drive and is slightly faster than the Focus. The Focus has great boot and cabin space, coupled with a more refined ride in terms of comfort and quiet, something to consider if you cover greater milage. The SYNC 3 communications and entertainment help to improve the Focus’ features and add an additional level of driver experience.

The Ford model you choose will depend on your needs and what you’re looking to get out of the car. If you’re looking for a smaller, city then the Fiesta will perfectly suit your needs. On the other hand, if you would prefer a larger family vehicle that can complete more mileage, the Ford Focus is the better choice.

You can learn more about TC Harrison’s range of both Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta models by contacting your local dealer today.