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Ford Focus vs Honda Civic: Comparing two popular cars

Both the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic are popular options for those looking for a mid-sized hatchback. If you are trying to decide whether your next car should be a trusty Ford or one of its rivals, this guide will help. Before investing your money, it’s important to compare the key features so that you can choose the best hatchback for your needs.

In this guide:

Learn more about the Ford Focus and Honda civic in this section.

Find out more about the interior features of both cars and how they compare to each other.

Learn about the trim levels available when you choose a Ford Focus or Honda Civic and what they include.

This section discusses the engine options available when you buy a Ford Focus or Honda Civic and the fuel consumption you can expect.

Find out more about both the initial and ongoing costs of both cars.

Ford Focus vs Honda Civic: How do the models compare?

The Ford Focus is one of the most popular cars within the mid-sized hatchback market, thanks to its styling and excellent reputation. The latest fourth-generation Ford Focus follows the same popular template as the original 1998 model, with the car handling as well as the high-powered Fords.

However, the latest Honda Civic with its sports styling, superior ride and comfort can easily compete with the ever-popular Ford Focus. In addition, the family hatchback market also includes models such as the Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Astra and Kia Ceed, which all compete in the same market.

Interior features

The interior of the latest iteration of the Ford Focus is the best yet, with soft-touch materials used in the most important areas. This even includes the back of the driver’s seats, to ensure additional comfort for those sitting in the back.

In comparison, the Honda Civic does not quite offer the refined finish of the Focus, with a noticeable increase in hard plastics. The high centre console features large chunky controls which help with the driving position. However, this reduces storage space and the touchscreen display is smaller than the Focus.


As standard, the Focus offers the latest Ford SYNC2 system, which includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. If you are looking for technology such as cruise control, parking sensors and air conditioning, you will need to pay for a premium trim.

Similarly, the basic tech included within the entry-level Civic trim amounts to little more than safety equipment. However, the premium trims offer a range of impressive tech.


Seating within the Ford Focus feels spacious, and the driver seat is easily adjusted. In addition, the pedals, gear lever and steering wheel feel comfortable and easy to navigate. However, the rear seating has been slightly compromised to provide extra boot space, which is 341 litres.

In comparison, the Honda Civic provides a very impressive boot space of 478 litres, whilst also being as spacious in the rear seats as the Focus.

Trim levels

Both cars are available in a variety of trim levels, each with their own features and costs. Understanding what these trims are and how they might meet your needs will help you to determine which car and trim is best for you.

Ford Focus

  • Focus Zetec – Although this is the entry-level trim, the Focus Zetec includes features such as lane-keeping alerts, intelligent speed assist and an electronic parking brake.
  • Focus Titanium – This trim offers additional features such as LED rear lamps, automatic wipers, heated front seats and keyless start.
  • Focus ST and ST-Line – the Focus ST and ST-Line trims offer a sports feel, thanks to the red seat stitching, body coloured spoiler, twin tailpipe and sports tuned suspension.
  • Vignale – At the top of the range, the Vignale offers unique body styling, premium leather seats, a high black gloss interior and a B&O premium audio system.

Honda Civic

  • S – As the base trim for the Honda Civic, you will benefit from a range of safety features such as lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control.
  • SE – Take a step up and you benefit from climate control, heated mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity and wheel-mounted controls.
  • SR – once you reach the SR trim, you will find a variety of additional tech on board, the most notable being the seven-inch touchscreen display, sat-nav, cruise control, reversing camera and climate control.
  • Sport – This trim is only available with a 1.5 litre engine and includes LED headlights, dual automatic climate control, automatic wipers and a central dual exhaust.
  • EX – if you’re looking for a fun drive, the EX-trim introduces adaptive dampers to the car’s architecture, an opening glass roof and 11 premium audio speakers.
  • Sport line X – this premium trim offers smart entry, heated front seats, chrome exterior finishes and blue illumination lights.

Engine options and fuel consumption

There are a variety of engine options available with both the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic, with the Focus’ 1.5 litre diesel engine and the Civic’s 1.6 litre engine proving to be the most popular choices.


Fuel Type

Engine Size


Fuel economy (mpg)

0-60mph (secs)

Ford Focus


1.5 litre




Honda Civic


1.6 litre




Honda Civic


1.0 litre




Ford Focus

Petrol (EcoBoost)

1.0 litre




Ford Focus


2.0 litre





The list price of the Honda Civic is slightly more than the Focus. However, equipment such as a sat-nav is included as standard.

In terms of ongoing running costs, both the Ford Focus and the Honda Civic are economic cars thanks to their low emissions and fuel economy. To find out more about the ongoing costs of the Ford Focus and its various trims, please visit the guides in our Advice Centre.

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Ford Options representative example

Whether you opt for the Ford Focus with its family appeal, great drive and agile chassis, or the Civic with its practicality, fun drive and sports styling, there are plenty of high-quality new and used car options available.

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