Ford Focus ST Tax Costs Explained

Before you invest in a car, whether it’s a new or used vehicle, it’s important to ensure that you know about and understand all of the ongoing costs that come along with the purchase. This includes various ongoing costs such as road tax, as well as a multitude of other factors such as fuel type and engine size, both of which affect future costs of the car.
The Ford Focus is an extremely popular car so we’ve created a guide to provide you with everything you need to know about the car tax costs for Ford Focus ST models.


In this guide:

Learn more about how road tax works in the UK

The costs and tax bands for new and used Ford Focus ST cars

Learn more about the factors that can have an impact on the cost of road tax

How does the Ford Focus ST compare with other Ford Focus models?

Learn more about how the tax costs of a Ford Focus ST compares to the Ford Focus ST-Line.


How does road tax work?

There are a range of different road tax bands for UK cars, all of which have different tax charges. These charges are based on a number of factors but, the key differentiating factor is CO2 emissions.
Car tax costs start from £0 for 0g/km of emissions but road tax for a vehicle producing over 255g/km of emissions can reach costs of up to £2,175 per year.
Car tax costs are also dependent on the age of the car you buy too so this is important to consider when you’re buying a used car.


How much does it cost to tax a Ford Focus ST?


Ford Focus ST tax cost (2012-2018)

Model Annual Tax cost First year rate Tax Band
ST £240 N/A H
ST-1 £205 N/A G
ST-2 £240 N/A H
ST-3 £240 N/A H


Ford Focus ST tax cost from 2018

Model Annual Tax cost First year rate Tax Band
Focus ST Ecoboost 5 door Auto £150 £870 J
Focus ST 2.0 EcoBlue 5 door £150 £175 H
Focus ST 2.3 EcoBoost £150 £870 J


Factors to consider when buying a new or used Ford Focus ST


As you can see from the above costs, the cost of tax is hugely dependent on the age of your vehicle. So, when buying a used model, it’s important to remember that these cars are likely to cost more in road tax per year than a new car.
Alongside the age of the car, whether the car has a petrol or diesel engine, mileage and engine size will also have a huge impact on the ongoing costs of your car. So, if you want a car with lower running costs, it’s better to opt for a car with a petrol engine rather than a large diesel car. However, if you’re looking for something a little bigger or more powerful, you can expect to pay more in road tax.


How do Ford Focus ST tax costs compare to other Ford Focus models


When it comes to the tax costs and ongoing costs of a Ford Focus ST, these can be higher than with other Ford Focus models.
For example, for a Ford Focus Zetec you can expect to pay around £20 in tax per year for one of the more basic models and around £125 for a car with a bigger engine. You can find out more about Ford Focus Zetec costs in our guide.
Ford Focus Titanium models usually cost around £150 per year in tax. Find out more about Ford Focus Titanium tax costs in our guide.
If you’re looking for a car that’s slightly cheaper to run and pay for on an ongoing basis, one of the these models may be better suited. Or, you could opt for a Ford Focus ST-Line.


How does the Ford Focus ST-Line differ from the Ford Focus ST?

The Ford Focus ST-Line is another Ford hatchback car with the same look and feel as the Focus ST but without the same sized engine and it’s associated costs. This means that the ongoing running costs of the ST-Line are much lower but you can still enjoy the same look and feel.
Similarly to the Ford Focus ST, the Ford Focus ST-Line also features an EcoBoost engine which are designed to provide maximum efficiency and performance. So, even if the Focus ST isn’t quite right for your budget, the Ford Focus ST-Line could be a great alternative.
The ST-Line models cost £150 per year to tax, with no tax to pay in the first year, making it a slightly more affordable option than both new and used Focus ST models. ST models come with a high tax cost within the first year, despite costing around the same on an annual basis so this is important to bear in mind when choosing your Ford Focus model.
To find out more about our range of Ford Focus models, please contact our team who will be happy to advise.