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How Does Motability Work?

How does Motability Work

How Does Motability Work?

As you'd expect from a plan that promotes accessibility, the national motability scheme is reassuringly simple. There are no credit checks, no personal assessments, no waiting lists and there are just three simple steps to obtaining a new motability scheme car at TC Harrison Ford:
Find Out More About Your Motability Lease Here

Find Out More About Your Motability Lease Here

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Step 1. Choose Your Model

At first glance, it might feel as if there's a lot to consider - space, adaptations, running costs, and your own personal preferences. However, the new Ford car range is one of the most varied vehicle ranges available, with everything from hatchbacks to people carriers. The wide selection of Ford models available through the scheme makes it easier to decide, and you can rely on our highly-trained motability specialists to help you choose.

If there's a specific model that you need due to your disabilities, but the advance payment for that car isn't within your budget, you may even be able to get financial help - talk to us and we'll be able to advise you of your options.

Step 2. Contact Us About Your Choice

You don't need to have decided on a Ford model when you first contact us, as one of our motability specialists will be happy to advise you but if you have made your selection, we'll then discuss adaptation options with you, to make sure that you end up with the most suitable car, fitted with everything that you need.

Step 3. Place Your Order

Once you're ready we can take you through the full application or complete it on your behalf, which can be quickly done online. When your acceptance letter arrives, keep it safe. The letter will contain your PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the scheme, which you'll need when you return to us in order to collect your Ford.

What Next?

That's the top and bottom of it. If you have any questions or wish to get started, please make an enquiry by contacting your local motability specialist.