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The New Car Focused Daily Driver

21 August 2018

The New Car Focused Daily Driver

In the performance car world, it's not uncommon for petrolheads to have a 'fun' car and a 'daily driver'. What's the difference between the two? Well, your fun or performance car is for taking out on road trips, track days and all around general enjoyment, whereas your 'daily driver' is for the everday commute.

We've seen many photos and videos of Gary from Car Focused's Ford Focus RS and it's pretty clear how much he enjoys it; however, he decided to indulge in a 'daily driver' to give his RS a rest in day-to-day driving life. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to see what he chose. Watch the video below: 

That's right, welcome Clive the Ford Fusion 2, who has clocked 115,00 miles and cost just £450. If you're looking for a daily driver or something practical, check out our used car stock.