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Ford Unveil All-Electric Ford E-Transit

16 December 2020

Ford Unveil All-Electric Ford E-Transit

Ford usher in a move towards fully electric future with the new Ford E-Transit Van.

‚ÄčAs the UK announced a ban on conventionally powered vehicles by 2030 Ford cemented their future as the UK's most beloved commercial vehicle brand with the unveiling of the new All-Electric Ford E-Transit.

The 400-volt, 67 kWh battery-powered van is designed to help your business thrive whilst meeting its sustainability targets, delivering up to 219 miles (350 km) of driving range on a single charge. The all-electric powertrain ensures you can always access low-emission zones. And Pro Power Onboard lets you plug into a 2.3 kW / 230-volt socket to power your tools no matter where you are. 
E-Transit indoors zero emission
As an all-electric vehicle the new E-Transit benefits from Zero Emission performance, meaning it can drive through low-emission zones or clean air zones and may also help your business to meet its sustainability and carbon dioxide reduction goals. What's more, you can increase the environmental benefits by choosing a renewable energy supplier when charging your electric vehicle. 

Zero emissions also opens the door for the use of the E-Transit in situations door indoors or around food production/storage/distribution, meaning you can get closer to your load than ever before, without worrying about air pollutants.

With whisper-quiet electric engine technology, the E-Transit lets you work anywhere around the clock. Whether you’re working through the night or making early morning deliveries, the electric van will make sure local noise pollution is kept to an absolute minimum.