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Everyone’s Talking About Ford Pothole Detection

27 June 2018

Everyone’s Talking About Ford Pothole Detection

The brand new Ford Focus has already caused quite a stir and now everybody is talking about the Pothole Detection technology that will be available with it. In a split second, the technology detects the pothole and cleverly adjusts the suspension to effectively skim over the pothole.
The technology is part of Ford’s brand new Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) that comes as an added option on the Ford Focus. It cleverly adapts to the driving mode and terrain, monitoring the body, steering, braking and suspension for a smoother ride.

How does it work?

When the Focus detects that it is approaching a pothole, it adjusts the suspension in a way that limits how far the wheel can drop down. Because the wheel doesn’t fall as far into the pothole itself, it also means that the tyre won’t hit the exit of the pothole as harshly, preventing any damage. The rear suspension responds quickly too, repeating the process with the rear tyres.
Recent data from the RAC shows that the bad winter weather has led to terrible potholes on British roads, massively increasing damage and breakdowns due to pothole damage. In fact, pothole breakdowns have doubled since this time last year and the Government just doesn’t have the funding to cover it all. In our opinion, Pothole Detection technology couldn’t come at a better time.
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