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How to Make Roads Safer for Drivers and Cyclists

11 June 2018

How to Make Roads Safer for Drivers and Cyclists

A recent study from Cycleplan, a cycling insurance company, revealed that 20% of both cyclists and drivers fear for their own safety while using UK roads.
The company scoured the web and analysed over 500,000 social media posts to scope out what cyclists and drivers see as the worst road behaviours from the other party.
According to cyclists, the top five worst driver behaviours are:

  1. Speeding (51,146 posts)

  2. Bad driving (47,262 posts)

  3. Hit and run (34,352 posts)

  4. Parking in a cycle lane or stopping in a cycling box (26,533 posts)

  5. Driving too close (20,759 posts)

And according to motorists, the top five worst cycling habits are:

  1. Not wearing high visibility gear (44,115 posts)

  2. Wearing headphones while riding (42,287 posts)

  3. Bad cycling (41,237 posts)

  4. Undertaking or overtaking on the wrong side of the road (23,801 posts)

  5. Jumping red lights (8,380)

Ford recently launched their Share the Road campaign, which aims to highlight the dangers that cyclists and drivers can cause for one another. The campaign puts cyclists and drivers in each other’s shoes so that everyone can experience the frustration and dangers that both drivers and cyclists experience on the road.
It is only mutual respect between all road users that can address and solve dangers on the road, and Ford aim to make roads much safer for cyclists in the future. They aim to do this by both making drivers aware of actions that cause cyclists danger, and making cyclists aware of dangerous activities that they are undertaking.
Remember to keep yourself familiar with the Highway Code, however you are using the roads to keep everyone safe on their journeys.