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Ford cars are first to be recommended by Good Housekeeping Readers

05 June 2019

Ford cars are first to be recommended by Good Housekeeping Readers The Ford EcoSport and the Ford Kuga have become the first cars ever to achieve the 'Reader Recommended' status from Good Housekeeping Magazine!

Ford has become the first automotive brand to be awarded the 'Reader Recommended' status from The Good Housekeeping Magazine! This highly sought after accolade can be awarded to any product and now the iconic magazine is considering cars too!

The 'Reader Recommended' status is decided by Good Housekeeping's acclaimed testing institute, the GHI, combined with the insights of the magazine's readers. After a trial period the Institutes 'Head of Testing' collates and analyses all the results to determine whether a product meets the quality and standards of the institute and if it does, it is then awarded the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Logo!

After the trial, 98% of readers who were asked rated the Ford Kuga as 'very good/excellent' and 96% said they would recommend the car to friends and family. 96% of the readers asked rated the Ford EcoSport as 'very good/excellent' and 91% would recommend the SUV to friends and family.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first automotive manufacturer to be Reader Recommended”, said Mandy Dean, Marketing Director, Ford of Britain. “It’s great to have EcoSport and Kuga, two very popular vehicles in our range, receive further validation from such an established and respected consumer voice, representing every day users.” 

“It’s great to see a brand like Ford engaging in our rigorous Good Housekeeping testing programme to ensure they’re providing the best quality for the ever-discerning consumer,” added Jim Chaudry, automotive director at Good Housekeeping publisher, Hearst UK.

With innovative technology, intelligent design and intuitive safety features, it’s no surprise Kuga received glowing feedback from Good Housekeeping readers. One reviewer even considered the SUV to be, ‘the best costing, safety and performance vehicle we’ve owned in 15 years’. But what will you make of the Kuga?

EcoSport instils confidence behind the wheel. To prove it, Good Housekeeping asked their panel of readers to review it. And guess what? Over 90% of readers said the compact SUV is smooth, comfy, and excellent to drive. But don’t just take their word for it...
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