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Ken Block Unveils Bonkers HooniFox

07 May 2020

Ken Block Unveils Bonkers HooniFox The lesser-known Mustang design?
Possible Electrified drive train?
All-Wheel Drive?
80's Rally Car Design?

The new Hoonifox sounds and looks bonkers on paper nevermind in person!

Ken Block did a live premier online of the new Honnigan concept, an AWD platform with the Mustang Mk 3 body on top, albeit, covered in more louvres, wings and spoilers than we can quite comprehend and boy does it look good!

Mr Block has again enlisted the help of longtime Hoonigan collaborator Ash Thorp, the guy who is responsible for the upcoming new Batmobile, to turn his Mark Three Mustang idea into reality.

The project hasn't got an engine as of yet, but the project might well be the first electric Hoon-mobile, given Mr Block's involvement in the Mach-E project.

The team might also have let slip that the next Gymkhana, Gymkhana XI, will be set in Miami, to help tie the car to it's 80's roots and Ken Block's love of classic Miami Vice episodes.

The car is shown in familiar Hoonigan livery, a 'black-on-black' all carbon look, an all-white Miami Vice special livery and then a couple of insane 80's Fluro liveries that are simply amazing!

Don't believe us check the video below>>