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Europe's Best Driving Roads

30 November 2018

Europe In the newest episode of Ford's 'Europe's Best Driving Roads' series, we can see the Ford Mustang BULLITT roar around the Isle of Man TT's Mountain Road. 

The Mountain Road, famous for the TT motorcycle race, is one of a kind. With its incredible surroundings and no speed limits, it's the perfect place to take the 5.0l V8 Mustang BULLITT.

The road provides a thrilling drive, it's full of history and truly is a fast-paced test of your skill behind the wheel. It proves to be one of Europe's Greatest Driving Roads and it received Ford's highest score to date. 

Watch the latest video in the series below:

The previous episodes in the series explore other great driving roads around Europe, including Via Campocatino, Italy which is at a height of over 1,800 metres above sea level, the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway, the northernmost racetrack in the world, the spectacular Transfăgărășan Highway and 15 miles of winding across the moors at Blakey Ridge, North Yorkshire.

The series also tested a Fiesta ST in Catalonia, Spain, a Ford Mustang convertible along the gruelling but picturesque French Alps, a Focus ST TDCI Estate on The Black Forest Highway in Germany and a Focus ST through the tunnels and along the bridges of the difficult to reach Mountain Road in Mallorca.

Watch the full playlist below: