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Light Up Bonfire Night with an array of Ford Colours

05 November 2020

Light Up Bonfire Night with an array of Ford Colours

Are you a fiery red or a glowing orange?

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Explosive Colours for an Explosive Array of Fords

When you think of Bonfire Night, you no doubt think of the fireworks; the bright and bold colours that light up the sky whilst cheery ooh’s and aah’s come from grateful onlookers. However, when we think of Bonfire Night, we think of the fire burning away, emitting a host of powerful colours, from a deep roaring red through to the amber glow of auburn.

These colours are ranked in the top echelons of the most popular car colours and it’s not hard to see why. However, we wanted to discover which was your all-time favourite Bonfire Night car. Is it the beauty of the Mach-E Cyber Orange or the fearsome Fiesta Race Red? Perhaps the Grabber Yellow of the Mach 1 really ‘grabs’ your attention or maybe a slightly more mellow yet dashing Sabre Orange of the Ranger is your choice?

Cyber Orange: Mustang Mach-E

A design that is distinctly Mustang, the Mach-E provides all the power and performance you’d anticipate from a Mustang but with the efficiency of an all-electric vehicle. Almost silently roaring through the streets, the presence provided by the front and centre Mustang logo matches the bold Cyber Orange statement.

Glowing in clever aerodynamics, including adjustable cooling flaps in the front lower grille and a deliberately square rear that keeps the air engaged with the body of the car as long as possible. Which, in turn reduces drag and increases overall range for the inaugural all-electric Pony car.

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Race Red: Fiesta

It’s practically mandatory that any list of cars includes the Ford Fiesta and as such the most popular car in Britain make an appearance. Thundering in and boasting a delicious Race Red finish, the Fiesta embraces everything that you would expect from a best-in-class car.

Sophisticated and secure in both design and appearance, the 8th generation Fiesta wouldn’t need any fireworks to explode onto the road and light up the darkness. With clever and advanced technologies married with a new interior philosophy that focuses on maximum user comfort, you can be assured of a drive that’s as confident as ever.

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Orange Glow: Transit Custom

Sacrificing nothing in performance or efficiency, the reliable and rugged Ford Transit Custom truly delivers. Delivers class-leading load space, euro stage 6 emissions and the latest sync 3 technology. An Orange Glow colour breathes life into the design and allows you and your business to make a true statement on the road.

In addition, the efficiency of the Ford EcoBlue engine provides a cost-effective solution that helps keep your business moving for longer and offers even more power than the 2.2 litre Duratorq engine. For an even more devilish appearance, customers can opt for a Sport edition which features a double black stripe down the middle.

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Grabber Yellow: Mustang Mach 1

In the deepest depths of the dark woods, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 would still light up the night with all it’s power and presence. A sculpted design allows never-seen-before aerodynamics to create unrivalled downforce whilst inside premium leather sports seats complement the unique dark-effect instrument panel.

All of which sits within a fearless and daring array of paint jobs, so whether you wish to blend into the track or announce your pole position in style; there’s an option for you. Most notably, the stand-out Grabber Yellow more than catches the eye, lighting up the black tarmac with a race-bred look and finish.

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Orange Fury: Focus ST

Set on a sunset boulevard the Focus ST shows off the audacious and flame-like Orange Fury colour that has graced the roads since it’s arrival. Not only does the Focus ST shine in the dusky outset, it shines in the must-have design. An all-aluminium and powerful 2.3 EcoBoost engine matched with a shaped exterior allow for optimum efficiency whilst recaro performance seats and dynamic driving modes create a confidence-inspiring drive.

“The extreme strength of a natural phenomenon” is the definition of the word fury, and we can totally see why as the Focus ST remains a true natural phenomenon.

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Sabre Orange: Ranger Wildtrak

Sabre Toothed Tigers, though now extinct, were a feared prehistoric cat that lived alongside humans. Even without close relation to tigers, the power and presence they possessed was second-to-none, much like the Sabre Orange Ford Ranger.

Having undergone rigorous testing on some of the most challenging terrains you can be assured that the capability of the Ranger’s handling will stand you in great stead on any journey. Engaging a best-in-class towing capacity, this premium pick-up is quickly becoming the only serious option in such a dominant market.

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