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Why are SUVs so popular?

10 November 2020

Why are SUVs so popular?

Sporty, great for families, abundance of luggage space...

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According to data from Auto Trader’s Market Insight tool, demand for SUVs was up 33.4% year-on-year, this figure is higher than any other body type. The soaring demand had many consumers pondering what the special ingredient was that made SUVs so popular.
Only last week, Ford revealed their new Puma ST which is the first Ford Performance SUV. Powered by the same engine in the award-winning Fiesta ST, this combination of performance and practicality is a clear indication of how an SUV quickly takes the market by storm.

Are SUVs cheap to run?

One of the hidden beauties of an SUV is the affordability in price and running costs, which in some cases are just as economical as a regular hatchback family car. Naturally, like with any model you can adapt the specifications to suit your own needs and select more powerful engines that can be a little heavier on fuel but the backbone of the SUV is designed to be as fuel efficient as possible.

Are SUVs sporty?

The Ford Kuga is clear evidence that an SUV can embrace not just a sporty appearance but a sports-like performance as well. Effortlessly capable, the Kuga is available with three hybrid options; to help aid fuel efficiency and produce a drive that is as satisfying as other cars. Clear evidence that with intelligent design, hand-picked interior features and powertrains to complement the aesthetics, an SUV can be sporty.

Are SUVs safer than other cars?

SUVs aren’t inherently more or less safe than other vehicles on the road, however, due to their design and build they do provide more confidence to the driver behind the wheel. An elevated driving position offers an improved visibility of the surrounding traffic and roads which is the stand-out reason behind the commanding drive. Additionally, SUVs commonly boast the latest modern technology and driver-assistance technology, including electronic stability control.

Are SUVs good for families?

Versatility in an SUV is one of the strongest selling points. The spacious and practical interior lends itself to the lifestyle of many, none more so than those with kids. Thanks to the off-road design, the longer doors, raised seating and roof provide a great ease of access to the back seats. Beneficial to both older passengers and parents who have to ensure their child is safely secured in their car seat.

Does an SUV have a lot of luggage space?

With SUVs being one of the most popular models in the showrooms today they are guaranteed to provide an enviable amount of luggage space. Take the Ford Puma, boasting best-in-class and uncompromised rear load space it takes an innovative approach to truly maximising your capacity. Incorporating an inventive MegaBox lower load compartment you have an increased space of 80-litres in your boot whilst a waterproof lining and drain plug make it easy to clean and the most ideal place for storing wet boots or muddy sports gear.

What is the best SUV?

The beauty of the modern-day SUV is the versatility and adaptability of the design. Whether you’re searching for a utility vehicle that embraces maximum comfort and space for passengers and four-legged friends a-like, or looking for a crossover that boasts unrivalled load space for those ever-lasting staycations, there is a Ford SUV for you. Our ‘top 3’ would be the commanding Ford Kuga, the desirable Ford Puma and the impressive Ford EcoSport.

Sports Utility Vehicles have come a long way in recent years and their evolution doesn’t seem to be stopping there. With Ford announcing their very first performance SUV, there has never been a better time to discover one of the most sought-after car designs on the road today. Speak to the TC Harrison team today to discover your next upgrade.