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Mountune MR165 Performance Upgrade for the Fiesta 1.0 Litre - £1,799 (Fully Fitted, Inc VAT)​

Mountune MR165 upgrade for Fiesta ST

The Mountune MR165 performance upgrade for the MK7 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost, is compatible with the 125PS version, and the Limited Edition Fiesta Red and Black 140PS models.

Mountune engineers have spent a great deal of time developing this kit to ensure that it delivers the optimum level of performance with the OE turbocharger, whilst maintaining the maximum possible reliability of the engine. As the name suggests, the MR165 upgrade delivers a performance uplift to 165PS at 6000rpm with 245Nm of torque available from just 2500rpm. With the kit installed, the 0-60mph time drops to 7.2 seconds, a massive 2.2-second improvement over the standard model, with in-gear and midrange acceleration improved even more, thanks to the 245Nm readily on hand. 

As well as the impressive low-down torque, the calibration also refines the pedal map to give a more connected, instantaneous response to the drivers' commands. ​

What is included?

All hardware can be added in a modular fashion and the MR165 upgrade consists of:

  • a high-flow induction kit 
  • primary and secondary silicone hoses
  • charge pipe upgrade kit
  • and a larger capacity alloy intercooler

The MR165 calibration is supplied using an mTune handheld device and the whole kit can be installed in 4 hours. The end result is a remarkable level of performance that delivers much more than should be capable from a 1.0 engine!

More Information

As with any Mountune MR upgrade, the MR165 does not benefit from the same warranty provision that the MP135 upgrades provide and can only be installed by a Mountune PRO Dealer such as TC Harrison Ford in Burton for £1,799.00 fully fitted, including VAT. For customers who are currently running an MP135 upgrade, the MR165 is available at a reduced cost of £1,759.00.  

All parts are covered by Mounutne's standard 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty against manufacturing defects and all of the silicone hoses used in the process are backed by SamcoSport's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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