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Mountune MR375 Upgrade for the Focus RS and RS500 - £4,399 (Fully Fitted, Inc VAT)

Moutune MR375 upgrade for Focus RS and Focus RS500

Mountune Performance upgrades for Focus RS

If you're looking for more power than what's on offer from the Mountune Performance MP350 upgrade for the Ford Focus RS or from the standard Focus RS500 - then the Mountune Racing MR375 upgrade is what you need - available exclusively through the Mountune PRO Dealer network which includes TC Harrison Ford Burton.

Once upgraded to the MR375, power increases from either 305PS (standard) or 350PS (from the RS500/MP350), to 375PS at 6700rpm and torque is raised from 440Nm (standard) to 550Nm at 3,500rpm. 

The MR375 also produces performance returns of 0-60mph in 5.0 seconds, a 0.9 second improvement over the standard RS, and 0-100mph in 11.3 seconds, continuing on to a top speed of 165mph.

The power uplift that came with the RS500 from the factory is the power upgrade subsequently sold to standard RS customers in the form of the MP350 kit. The hardware found on the RS500 is also identical to this, therefore you need the same additional hardware as stipulated below.​

What is included?

The Mountune Racing MR375 package is based on the hardware from the market-leading Focus RS500 / MP350 Mountune upgrade but additionally includes:

  • A larger EC-approved 3" downpipe
  • Anti-loosen bolts
  • 200-cell EC sports catalyst
  • EC EURO or UK-spec 3" cat-back exhaust
  • Cast inlet plenum
  • Mountune re-circulating bypass valve
  • Revised engine calibration
  • Mountune Racing badge

This upgrade can be fitted to any Focus RS or RS500, and comes with a minimum 12 months/12,000-mile warranty against manufacturing defects on all parts fitted.

More Information

Upgrading from a Mountune'd MP350 Focus RS/standard Focus RS500 at TC Harrison, will cost an additional £2,199, whilst from a standard Focus RS, the complete kit is available from £4,399 including fitting and VAT at TC Harrison Ford Burton.

As part of the calibration update process the original vehicle ECU will need to be returned to Mountune. Please note: Mountune Racing parts do not benefit from the same warranty arrangement as Mountune Performance parts and as such fitting MR parts may invalidate part of your base vehicle warranty.

Please contact our Mountune specialists for more information by calling 01283 240 590.

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