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Tyre Safety Month 2018 - Don't chance it, Check it

Tyre Safety Month

Receive a FREE tyre health check at TCH

Here at TC Harrison Ford we want to make sure you can be confident on the road, so we're giving FREE tyre health checks! All you have to do is contact your local TC Harrison Ford dealership and arrange a time to come in, and we'll make sure your tyres won't let you down!

In a recent survey by TyreSafe, the organisation behind Tyre Safety Month, they found that more than one-in-four British motorists are replacing their tyres when they were already illegal. In 2016, that equates to potentially over 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres on Britain's roads. In addition, unsafe or faulty tyres account for 36% of casualties caused by an accident due to vehicle defect! Combine this with the high MOT failure rate due to defective tyres and there is clear evidence that attitudes towards tyres need to change.

That is why we are supporting the main message for this year's Tyre Safety Month campaign - Don't chance it, Check it.

Don't forget, unsafe tyres can drastically affect your vehicle's handling and stopping distances, especially on wet surfaces; so check out the video for some general information and tips on tyre safety. And remember, if you're unsure, get your tyres checked by a professional.

Book a free tyre check

Play it Extra Safe with a Hunter Wheel Alignment

If you notice uneven wear on any of your tyres it could be an indication that your wheels are not aligned properly. At TC Harrison we use the latest precision alignment technology from Hunter, providing the most accurate wheel alignment possible. Having properly aligned wheels can reduce the rate at which your tyres wear down, reducing costs and ultimately increasing road safety.

Contact your local TC Harrison Ford dealership to find out more about Hunter Wheel Alignment.