TC Harrison Ford
TC Harrison Ford

Why Choose TC Harrison Ford

Friendly, efficient service has, and always will be, the companies central belief. TC Harrison was founded in 1931 by Thomas 'Cuth' Harrison whose vision was to create a friendly, welcoming experience for customers that reflected the traditional values he held. This is still upheld by the Harrison family, who still own and run the company to this day. The business has been passed down for 3 generations; Cuth's two sons John and Edward took over from him, which was subsequently passed down to John's two sons; James and Jonathan, as well as Edward's son; William. Together they run the business with the same ideals and values Cuth put into place 83 years ago. Looking towards the future the 4th generation of Harrisons are already working their way up the business, ready to keep the tradition in tact.

Expert Advice

There's so much choice available for customers today but at TC Harrison Ford we're able to offer expert advice across the entire Ford new car range as well a huge range of used cars. Our sales teams have access to all the information you need and can advise on the most suitable model for your needs, more importantly they can offer it at a price that is great value for money for you.

Over 80 Years Experience

Since being founded in 1931, TC Harrison Group has built up an excellent reputation for friendly and efficient service. It has always been run within the Harrison family and that tradition will continue with the 4th generation working through the business now.