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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things Ford in the Midlands and Cambridgeshire!

Explore our expansive network of dealerships conveniently located across the region. Whether you're searching for a brand new Ford, a reliable pre-owned option, or a certified pre-owned vehicle with added peace of mind, your perfect Ford awaits. Get ready to embark on your Ford journey with us – click the button below to find your ideal car today!

We offer a trifecta of benefits that ensure a smooth and satisfying car buying and ownership experience:

  • Widest Selection: Imagine having access to a vast inventory of new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned Ford vehicles, all under one roof (or across multiple roofs in our case!). With dealerships scattered throughout the Midlands and Cambridgeshire, you're guaranteed to find the perfect car for your needs, no matter where you're located.
  • Expert Service: Our commitment to your Ford doesn't end after you drive it off the lot. Our team of certified Ford technicians are located at each of our dealerships, ready to keep your car running smoothly with convenient service and repair options.
  • Competitive Prices: We understand value, and that's why we offer competitive pricing on all our vehicles and services. You can be confident you're getting the best possible deal when you choose TC Harrison Ford. Plus, explore our ongoing deals and special offers to maximise your savings!


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Major Towns and Cities we're close by:


There are two TC Harrison Ford dealerships near Cambridge, one in Huntingdon and one in Peterborough. TC Harrison Ford is one-stop-shop in Cambridgeshire for all things Ford. Our Huntingdon dealership is just over half an hour's drive away from Cambridge when you take the A14. Our Peterborough dealership is a similar distance away, and you can find it by following the A14 Northbound  and then the A1 for about 16 miles.


TC Harrison Ford is a one-stop-shop in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for all things Ford, with dealerships in both Derby and Burton upon Trent. Our Derby dealership is around 14 miles away and can be found by simply following the A52 Westbound. Our Burton upon Trent dealership is just a little further away and can be found by taking the A453 Southbound, followed by the A50 westbound.


TC Harrison Ford has dealerships in Derby and Burton upon Trent; we are the one-stop-shop in the Midlands for all things Ford. Our Derby dealership can be found at the Pride Park Business Estate by taking the M1 northbound followed by the A50 westbound to Derby. Our Burton upon Trent dealership can be found by instead following the A50, then joining the A511 Westbound, which will take you to the centre of Burton.


Bedford is perfectly situated for easy access to, not one, but two excellent TC Harrison Ford Dealerships, where trust and customer satisfaction always take priority. Our Huntingdondealership is just under 30-minutes’ drive North of Bedford when you take the A421, followed by the A1 northbound. Our Peterborough dealership is a little further north of Bedford; simply follow the A1 further and follow the signs to Peterborough.

Kings Lynn

TC Harrison Ford is the one-stop-shop in South Lincolnshire for all things Ford having two highly reputable and dependable dealerships nearby in Spalding and Peterborough. Our Spalding dealership is located just under 30 miles West of King’s Lynn, and can be found by following the A17 Westbound, followed by the A151. Our Peterborough dealership is just as easy to find by following the A47 Westbound.


Chesterfield is perfectly situated on the M1, meaning Chesterfield residents are just a short drive from our excellent TC Harrison Derby dealership. Our Derby dealership can be found at the Pride Park Business Estate by taking the M1 southbound followed by the A52 Westbound to Derby. Alternatively, you can take the A61 and A38 Southbound past Alfreton.


We are the one-stop-shop in the Midlands for all things Ford. Our Burton-upon-Trent dealership can be found easily by following the A511 North-West for about 13 miles, you will pass the showroom on this road. Our flagship Derby FordStore dealership is a little further away, but just as easy to find; simply follow the A511 and A42 to the M1, then take the Junction 25 exit, A52 westbound, to Pride Park Stadium where our showroom is located directly opposite.


Lichfield residents can take advantage of over 90 years of specialist experience in all things Ford at TC Harrison Ford, the one-stop-shop for Ford cars, where customer experience is always top priority.Our Burton upon Trent dealership is located around 13 miles North of Lichfield, and can be found by following the A38 Northbound. Our Derby dealership is just a little further; all you need to do is follow the A38 a little further.