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TC Harrison Ford - Motability Adaptations

In certain cases, adaptations can be made to your chosen Ford to make it easier for you to use and drive. Many of these adaptions are offered with Motability Scheme models at no extra cost - and we can often install and adjust them on-site before you drive away.

There are different types of adaptations available at TC Harrison Ford, depending on your needs:

Motability Adaptation for Driving

The driving adjustments available are wide-ranging, to suit the majority of disabled road users. Electronic hand-controls are an option for people who have limited mobility in their feet and legs, and the pedals and steering wheel can be modified to make them simpler to use. In addition, every Ford car that's supplied through the Motability Scheme works with an automatic gearbox.

Motability Options for Accessibility

Again, there's a selection of options available, for example if you find it difficult to get in and out of your vehicle, you could select a swivel chair or an electric hoist to be fitted to your car. 


Motability Adaptions For Storage

The rear of your Ford can be rearranged to fit a scooter or wheelchair, and an electronic hoist can be added to help get these items in and out. This is of particular benefit to those who don't need a full Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle (WAV).

We also realise that your needs may change during your three-year term on the Motability Scheme. Alongside the items and adaptations fitted when you first receive your Ford, we may be able to make further adjustments and retro-fit new assistances to keep you fully supported during your contract period.

More Information

Find out more about the scheme and the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme at any TC Harrison Ford dealership by contacting one of our specialists today.