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Keep Connected with FordPass Connect

FordPass Connect is an optional modem that uses 4G to give you a range of features that keep you connected on the go, from Live Traffic and eCall to providing a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to ten devices.

Benefits of FordPass Connect

Keep up-to-date with the road ahead using Live Traffic, which enhances your SYNC 3 Navigation system with added real-time traffic updates that refresh every 30 seconds. You won’t be late if there is a queue as the system will automatically find you the fastest route to keep you on time. Whilst the local hazard information can alert you to local driving hazards, such as road works, objects in the road or even a broken-down vehicle up ahead.
Do you ever have a fearful moment that you didn't lock your car? Not no more, as the FordPass app has remote locking and unlocking so you can ensure it is locked from where you are. And you’ll never forget where you parked as the FordPass app shows your car’s parking location.
On vehicles with automatic transmission, you can start your engine from your phone wherever you are so if you want to get your car warmed up before you head home or to the office, you can do it from inside. When using this feature, the doors will automatically lock when the engine is on and will require your key before it can be driven so your car will be safe.

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How can it Help Businesses?

FordPass Connect can help you to stay ahead of your fleet and limit any vehicle downtime. It can detect vehicle location, fuel level, keep track of your service status and give notifications on your vehicle’s health to ensure that you are fully aware of any issues with your vehicles.

Keep Safe

The brand new eCall function is potentially lifesaving. In the event of an accident, FordPass Connect can automatically place an eCall to the emergency services, providing them with your vehicle’s location and therefore reducing the time between an accident and the emergency services arriving. If you witness an accident or require emergency assistance, you can also press an SOS button in your car which will contact the emergency services directly.

How to Connect

FordPass Connect links to your phone via an app that can be downloaded from your smartphone's app store.

If you want to activate your FordPass Connect, just let the team know when you collect your vehicle from your local TC Harrison dealership.

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