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Ford Scheduled Service including 12 months Complimentary Roadside Assistance

Ford Scheduled Service

Scheduled Ford Service at TCH

To maintain that 'new car feeling' your Ford vehicle needs to be regularly serviced in line with Ford scheduled service intervals. At TC Harrison Ford our technicians are Ford trained, including specialisms that cover every mechanical and electrical area of your vehicle. Each dealership also has at least one Ford Master Technician to help with any in-depth diagnostic requirements. These highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians, using state of the art equipment and genuine Ford parts, will help make sure your Ford is running as smoothly and reliably as possible. What’s more a regular main dealer service can help keep fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions within Ford’s design specifications and ultimately save money on the cost of running your car.

What's included in a Ford Scheduled Service?

All Ford scheduled services include a 30-point FORD eCHECK, a thorough visual inspection by one of our trained technicians to identify anything on your Ford that needs attention.

The exact content of a service will vary by vehicle and mileage, but a full report of all checks will be given to you when the service is complete, so you can rest in the knowledge your Ford is in tip-top shape.

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How does a scheduled service help?

  • Oil Change and correct oil type - whilst this doesn't sound very exciting did you know that old oil or the incorrect oil will affect both engine wear and CO2 emissions! An oil check and change during your service can help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 3%!
  • Correct tyre pressure - correctly inflated tyres can save you £37 of fuel a year, it can also reduce tyre wear and help with stopping distances and traction. All TCH Ford service department have highly accurate pressure
  • Air Filter Check - Blocked filters cause the engine to work harder and therefore can increase its CO2 emissions. During a service your filters will checked and replaced if necessary, making sure your engine gets the right amount of clean air to maximise efficiency.

All of this whilst using manufacturer approved fluids and Ford parts, to make sure you always feel like your Ford is as new as the day you collected it.

Ford Scheduled Service is available from £195.00 at your local TC Harrison dealership

Complimentary Service Activated Roadside Assistance is provided for 12 months from the date of service completion. UK and European Roadside Assistance is offered with a Ford Scheduled Service at all TC Harrison Ford dealerships, valid from the date of service for 12 months, or until the next service is due, whichever comes first. If you do break down you'll get:

* Friendly, skilled roadside help in the UK and Europe
* Assistance if you break down at home
* Alternative transport, replacement vehicle or overnight accommodation if your car can’t be repaired on the spot
* Recovery including caravans and trailers
* Ford Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, all year round with just one phone call.

FORD One Call - 0203 564 4444

Ford Service uses just one number to connect you to all of the Ford Services 24/7. Including Ford Accident Management, Ford finance and insurance, plus dealer locations, technical information and more. 

With Ford Service is available with Ford Scheduled Services and Ford Motorcraft Services. This is all provided for you using Ford trained technicians and quality Ford parts.

Free Ford Accident Management

Had an accident? Just call Ford Accident Management and they'll handle the entire insurance claim for you. This service is free to all Ford owners, Ford will even provide you with a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired.

Free Ford eCHECK

eCHECk is Ford's 30-point Health Check - a complete visual inspection of your car, including the wheels, tyres, bodywork, wiper blades, oil, filter, brakes, hubs, steering and suspension. A detailed electronic report provides explanation of any findings and a simple red, amber, green traffic light system shows any recommended repairs or replacements.

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Terms and conditions apply

Retail customers only. It is recommended that you book your service in advance as a suitable time slot might not be available via a walk in appointment. 

Ford Roadside Assistance is only available at participating dealers with a Ford Scheduled Service. Ford Roadside Assistance applies to all vehicles regardless of age or mileage, excludes fleet vehicles and is valid from the date of service for 12 months, or until the next service is due, whichever comes first. Includes European service for Roadside Assistance and Repair and towing to a TC Harrison Ford dealership - see terms and conditions for countries covered. 

Exclusive Complimentary Roadside Assistance is available for all retail customers booking a Ford Schedule Service or Ford Convenience Check at any TC Harrison Ford dealership. If you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer, please inform your service advisor when presenting your vehicle at the dealership. Please note, Roadside Assistance will be activated after the completion of the relevant service/convenience check. All service appointments must be booked by 31st March 2019.