Ford drink driving and hangover suits demonstrate the dangers of driving after a big night out!

Drink driving is now one of society’s biggest taboos - but hitting the road the morning after can be just as dangerous. In Europe, research shows that alcohol is a factor in 1 in 6 road fatalities and 1 in 10 drink driving arrests take place between 6am and 8am in the UK.

This is where Ford's 'drink driving' and 'hangover' suits come in as part of the Ford's Driving Skills for Life program. Designed to give free driving education to young people, these courses help novice drivers by teaching them skills that aren’t usually taught in traditional driver educational programmes!

Last year marked the introduction of the Ford drink driving suit, designed to show the real effects of alcohol on someone in control of a car. Consisting of tunnel-vision glasses, ear muffs, wrist and ankle weights, and padding to elbows, neck, and knees, the suit impairs visibility, co-ordination and balance and simulates the effects of drink driving, by reducing vision, hearing and reaction times.

This year, Ford has also developed the hangover suit. Weighing more than 17 kilograms, it consists of a special vest, wrist and ankle weights, cap and goggles, and headphones. Together, these simulate the classic hangover symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, a throbbing head and difficulty concentrating.

As drinking can sometimes make a person believe that they can drive a car more easily, the suits are designed to show students the real effects, in a safe simulated environment.

The Findings...

Despite the risks of drink driving, a Ford-sponsored survey determined that most young drivers in Europe have either driven while drunk, or have seen friends drink and drive. Of the 5,000 drivers surveyed aged between 18 to 24; 32 percent also reported having accepted a ride from a driver who was under the influence of alcohol, and 66 percent did not know the legal alcohol limit for driving in their country.

Ford Driving Skills for Life...

Fords Drink Driving and Hangover Suits are a clever way of enabling people who are sober to safely experience how significantly their abilities can be affected by alcohol. If you'd like to try the suit for yourself then please visit the Ford's Driving Skills for Life website where you can register your interest for courses.

More Information...

With many people drinking more than usual over the festive period at parties with colleagues, friends and families, it's peak time for drivers to take a risk that could be fatal – both for themselves and other road users and we hope that our customers will remember to leave their cars at home.

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Drive safe and think before you drink.

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