Le Fantôme: a Ford Edge Story

Jake Scott reimagines the car advert with acting star Mads Mikkelsen

You may be thinking that you've already figured out the formula for a standard car advert these days; an eagle eye view of a winding road, close up action shots as the car flies by, and people looking on longingly as someone else drives the car they always wanted. Well some of that is still relevant, but Jake Scott adds a whole new dimension to the mix that really brings the advert to life.

Scott has out with the generic impersonal car owner driving down a country lane (toward the sunset), and plunges us into a world of intrigue and assassination, masterfully spearheaded by Hannibal star, Mads Mikkelsen. We follow a young couple running away from something (or someone) to start a new life, just them and their new Ford Edge.

Things turn sour as Mikkelsen (a.k.a. Le Fantôme) is hired to assassinate the couple. But, for a reason not fully disclosed to the audience, he cannot go through with it, and it is suggested that this has something to do with his obsession with the couple's Ford Edge.

The film leaves us with some beautiful shots showcasing the dynamic style of the new Ford Edge as Mikkelsen drives away, but not after leaving us with his final words:

"It's not easy to give away the things you love, even if it's the things you love that give you away."

Take from this closing statement what you will, but it clearly states two main qualities of the new Ford Edge:
1. You will love it
2. It will turn heads and stand out

Find out why Scott wanted you to come away with this message by discovering the new Ford Edge for yourself, now available at your local TC Harrison Ford dealer.

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