New Mobile Phone Usage And 'Text-Driving' Laws have now come into force.

New measures aimed at younger generation of car drivers

The Government have announced a change to the current laws around use of mobile devices whilst driving, in an attempt to reduce the phenomenon known as 'Text-driving'. The changes will see an increased number of penalty point and an increased fine being applied to all those caught breaking the new rules.

Anyone convicted will now face a 6-point penalty as well as a £200 fine. With these penalties meaning any new drivers (within the first two years of passing their driving tests) would be automatically disqualified from driving and forced to retake both their theory and driving tests, the Government has clearly aimed the rules squarely at younger drivers, who according to statistics, don't appreciate the dangerous of 'text-driving'.

Bad driving habits across Europe within Generation Z

Ford Motor Company commissioned research across the whole of Europe to find out young drivers attitude to a range of issues affecting driving. The research, whilst shocking to older driving, clearly backs up why the Government has brought these measures into place.

43% of the young drivers admit to sending or replying to text whilst driving, whilst a mind-boggling 15% admitted to taking selfies, whilst behind the wheel. To try and help with the education of younger drivers, Ford are continuing to run their Ford Driving Skills courses again throughout 2017.

You can read the full report here:

Ford Technological Solutions

All new Fords come packed with a range of technologies to help reduce the a drivers reliance on their mobile devices as well as trying to stop smaller accidents that might be caused by a drivers lack on concentration.

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Sync-3 can be paired to any bluetooth capable device and when set up a driver can use voice commands to dial contacts, change radio stations, input sat-nav address details and can even read out text messages to the driver or find a nearby coffee shop or petrol station!

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Active City Stop

Active City Stop helps reduce those silly bumps caused by drivers not reacting fast enough to queuing traffic breaking ahead of them. The car will deploy full braking at speeds of up to 30mph, without driver intervention.

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