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Driving in Winter can be a breeze with TCH Ford

We all know driving in Winter can be a pain, and sometimes outright stressful, and it can feel like the elements are against us, putting some people off driving during the Winter at all.

So what if we were to tell you that Winter driving can be stress-free with Ford?

Although it is unlikely we will see much, if any, snow this Christmas, Winter still likes to throw harsh, cold, frosty driving conditions our way. But is your car up to the task? Ford have a range of technologies that make driving in the Winter both easier and safer, some of which are summarised below.

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Heated Seats and Heated Steering Wheel

No one likes to be cold. And rightly so, it's very uncomfortable, and being uncomfortable while driving can be very distracting. Not only that, but cold hands lose much of their dexterity, which can cause issues when driving.

A range of new Ford vehicles come with the option of heated seats and a heated steering wheel, which can be turned on and off at the touch of a button, with varying temperature settings, to make driving in Winter less of a chilling experience!

Quickclear Heated Windscreen

Ford's quickclear system uses a powerful but near invisible electrical element sandwiched in the middle of the windscreen glass. On a cold morning, the element heats the screen and clears any ice or condensation within seconds. Conventional hot air systems take 10 minutes or more to achieve the same result.

Quickclear also works as a rapid demister in all weather condition, and is standard on a wide range of best-selling Ford cars including the Ford Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy models, as well as on popular Zetec and Titanium derivatives of the Ford Fiesta and Focus.

Air Conditioning; Not only for Summer!

According to experts you should run the air conditioning on full-cold at least once every couple of week (for 10 minutes or so) to allow the coolant to circulate through the system. This is because the coolant contains a lubricant that helps keep the rubber seals and pipework within the system in a good working condition. Not using your air conditioning for months on end will prevent these parts from benefiting from the lubricant, which can lead to leaky seals. Leaky seals may result in more frequent re-gasses for your system, or may require the seals to be completely replaced.

But that's not all! Without frequent use, moisture can build up within the air vent ducts of the system. This moisture can result in bacteria or mould forming within the system, the spores of which can then be blown into the car once the system is turned on again in the summer. Frequent use of your A/C can prevent the build up of mould and bacteria as it helps to remove moisture in the air (which also helps to keep your windscreen and windows clear).

And don't worry about being cold. Your air conditioning can be used to warm the air in the car too, whilst still keeping the system lubricated and allowing you to benefit from the 'drying' effect it gives.

​That is just a handful of the amazing technologies Ford cars offer to make Winter driving easier and safer. And if you still don't believe us, see the below video specifically about how technology within the New Ford Mondeo makes Winter driving a breeze.

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