Ford Granted Approval for Self-Driving Car Technology in the UK

silver car on a nice driveway

Hands-Off, Eyes-On

Ford is the first vehicle manufacturer to have their self-driving technology used on public roads within Europe. This is after the company’s BlueCruise feature avaliable on the Mustang Mach-E has been approved for use in the United Kingdom
The revolutionary technology will allow drivers to arrive at their destination more relaxed than ever before, as the car can take over driving responsibilities to a certain extent on pre-selected stretches of Britain’s motorways.

Safety Guaranteed

“Today marks a significant moment for our industry as Ford BlueCruise becomes the first hands-free driving system of its kind to receive approval for use in Great Britain,” said Lisa Brankin, managing director, Ford UK & Ireland. “We have always strived to make technology accessible for our customers, and BlueCruise is this next step on this journey, making motorway driving a more comfortable experience.”

The system works by using advanced sensors, cameras and radar technology to monitor the road and surrounding traffic, allowing the car to accelerate, brake and steer within its lane. The driver is still responsible for paying attention to the road and being ready to take control if necessary.

The Future of Driving

Drivers of the 2023 model Mustang Mach-E have the opportunity to activate BlueCruise with a 90-day free trial after purchase of a new vehicle. After the free trial ends, the BlueCruise self-driving technology can be continued via a subscription of £17.99 a month. The Mustang Mach-E is currently the sole vehicle with permissions for this type of tehcnology in the whole of Europe.

Does Ford's BlueCruise technology grab your attention? If so why not speak to your local TC Harrison Ford dealership about the Mustang Mach-E.