Ford Returns to F1 in 2026

  • Red Bull Powertrains and Ford to partner on the development of the next-gen hybrid power unit that will supply engines to both Oracle Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri teams from 2026 to at least 2030
  • Ford returns to Formula 1 as the FIA and F1 deepens its focus on sustainable racing and advanced hybrid technologies, while leaving a legacy of positive change wherever it races
  • Ford will provide expertise in areas including battery cell and electric motor technology as well as power unit control software and analytics.

Two Decades Away from F1

Ford has announced that it will be making the return to Formula One after more than 20 years. As the sport strives to move towards a more electrified future, it’s time for Ford to make its long-awaited return to tracks.

The decision was made to return as Formula One as the FIA have made a commitment to sustainability with increasing the amount of electric power that is used. More sustainable alternative fuels are also being researched and developed.

TC Harrison and Formula One

TC Harrison Ford as a company has connections with Formula One, as our very own founder Thomas ‘Cuth’ Harrison participated in the first ever F1 World Championship Grand Prix which was held at Silverstone.

Racing in C-type ERA, Cuth Harrison was already at a disadvantage compared to the more powerful cars he was up against. Placing 7th in that race was a remarkable accomplishment, especially considering the level of competition and the performance capabilities of the other vehicles on the grid. The fact that Cuth Harrison was able to achieve such a strong result despite the limitations of his vehicle is a testament to his skill as a driver and his competitiveness in the sport.