Ford Takes Lead in Three Main Categories of Vehicles


Ford Puma Takes the Crown

The title of the UK’s best-selling new car for 2023 has been secured by none other than the Ford Puma. The dominance of the crossover SUV as the best-selling new car in the UK for 2023 is indicative of a significant shift in consumer preferences within the automotive market. The trend suggests there is a growing inclination among UK buyers to move away from traditional hatchback models and, instead, opt for the more versatile and stylish SUV crossover segment.

The Ford Puma, with its distinctive crossover design, appears to align perfectly with this evolving preference. Consumers are increasingly drawn to the elevated driving position, enhanced practicality and modern aesthetic that SUV crossovers offer. These vehicles seamlessly blend the compactness of a hatchback with the rugged appeal of an SUV, meeting the demands of both city and countryside lifestyles.

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Ford Transit Custom Continues to Soar

The Ford Transit Custom is the best-selling commercial vehicle in the UK for 2023, meaning that the dominant player in the commercial vehicle market has spent a staggering nine years in the coveted top spot!

Back this year with a revamped and improved innovative design, the All-New Ford Transit Custom is renowned for its adaptability to various business needs. This versatility makes it an appealing choice for businesses across different industries, from logistics to construction. The All-New Transit Custom also boasts a robust and durable design, capable of handling the demands of daily commercial use. Its reputation for reliability contributes to its popularity among those looking for a workhorse that can consistently deliver performance and withstand the tests of frequent use.


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Ford Ranger Named UK's Favourite Once Again

Thanks to its unrivalled practicality, the All-New Ford Ranger has once again scooped up the title of the UK's best-selling pickup truck. The Ford Ranger’s all-new model features a 12-inch portrait touchscreen that runs the easy-to-use SYNC-4 infotainment system. Whilst the Ranger has a rugged exterior that’s prepared for most terrain, the interior looks like it’s been taken from a high-end SUV, with its modern and sleek design with top class features.
On the roads, the Ranger handles brilliantly, thanks to the option of permanent four-wheel drive, which makes even the roughest of routes feel comfortable. The load area has also been made bigger, making it a perfect addition to any fleet for business purposes.


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