Mustang GTD: Applications Now Open


A Leader on the Track


When it comes to cutting-edge aerodynamics, the Ford Mustang GTD takes the lead with its innovative Drag Reduction System. This system boasts advanced features that surpass any other Ford vehicle on the road or track. From its dynamic, shape-shifting rear wing to specially designed flaps that open and close beneath the car, the Mustang GTD showcases an impressive display of aerodynamic technology.
Every aspect of the Mustang GTD has been carefully crafted to optimise aerodynamic efficiency. The height-adjustable body, ranging from the roof to the floor, serves a dual purpose—balancing the delicate trade-off between aerodynamics for speed and downforce for enhanced traction. This design allows the Mustang GTD to confidently take on some of the world's most formidable supercars - and win.
The development of this groundbreaking system was propelled by powerful computer simulations. These simulations provided invaluable insights, leading to the creation of innovative ways to manage airflow seamlessly under diverse driving conditions. Among the technological marvels incorporated into the Mustang GTD are specially designed channels beneath the car. These channels play a vital role in directing turbulent air away from the car, originating from the front tyres. By doing so, they significantly enhance the overall performance of the vehicle.
The Ford Mustang GTD stands at the pinnacle of aerodynamic excellence. With its unmatched Drag Reduction System and carefully crafted body, this marvel of engineering sets a new standard in aerodynamics within the Ford lineup and the automotive industry as a whole.

Now open for applications, the Mustang GTD is a road-legal supercar that's undeniably Mustang through and through. Visit today to enquire about applications to own one of these rare track-ready vehicles. 



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