A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Commercial Vehicle


Satisfying Your Business Needs

Selecting the ideal commercial vehicle is a crucial decision for any business, large or small. It involves assessing your specific needs and matching them with the right balance of capacity, efficiency, and reliability. Ford, which has always been a trusted name in the commercial industry, offers a range of exceptional vans — each tailored to meet diverse business requirements. In this guide, we'll delve into the features and benefits of some of Ford's top commercial vehicles: the Ford E-Transit, Ford Ranger, Ford Transit Courier, Ford Transit Custom, and Ford Transit Connect.


Ford E-Transit: The Electric Revolution

The Ford E-Transit is a pioneering, all-electric cargo van designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Its zero-emissions electric powertrain doesn't compromise on capability, making it ideal for urban deliveries and other short-haul operations. The E-Transit offers various body styles and configurations, ensuring it can adapt to a wide array of commercial applications.

Key Features:

-Zero-emissions, all-electric powertrain
-Multiple body styles and configurations
-Impressive cargo capacity and payload capabilities

If you’re not quite ready to step into the electric world, don't worry. The classic, combustion engine Transit van is still readily available from TCH Ford.



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Ford E-Transit electric van in silver


Ford Ranger: Power and Versatility Combined

The Ford Ranger is a pickup truck that perfectly balances power and versatility, making it an excellent choice for businesses that require both a workhorse and a comfortable daily driver. With robust towing capabilities, advanced technology, and a stylish design, the Ranger is suited for a variety of applications.
Key Features:
-Powerful engine options and towing capacity
-Advanced safety and driver-assistance features
-Comfortable and spacious interior


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Ford Ranger in orange driving through a forest road

Ford Transit Courier: Compact and Efficient


The Ford Transit Courier is a compact van that excels in manoeuvrability and efficiency. It's ideal for businesses that require a nimble vehicle for urban deliveries or service calls. Despite its compact size, the Transit Courier offers a surprisingly spacious cargo area and excellent fuel efficiency.
Key Features:

-Compact and manoeuvrable design
-Efficient fuel consumption
-Ample cargo space for its size



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Transit Courier in red parked outside buildings


Ford Transit Custom: A Versatile Workhorse


The Ford Transit Custom, rightly known as Britain's most popular van, is a mid-sized van known for its adaptability and practicality. It's a reliable choice for businesses that need a versatile vehicle capable of handling various payloads and configurations. The Transit Custom offers impressive cargo space and can be tailored to meet specific business needs.
Key Features:
Customizable cargo configurations
Strong and efficient engines
Modern interior with advanced technology



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Transit Custom trail


Ford Transit Connect: Agile and Practical


The Ford Transit Connect strikes a balance between efficiency and cargo capacity, making it an excellent option for businesses that need a compact van without sacrificing cargo space. It's perfect for businesses with frequent city deliveries and small business operations.
Key Features:
-Compact design for easy manoeuvrability
-Surprisingly spacious cargo area
-Fuel-efficient engine options



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Transit Connect in Blue



Choosing Your Perfect Match


Selecting the right commercial vehicle depends on your business requirements, budget, and preferences. Whether you're looking for an all-electric solution, a powerful pickup, a compact van, or a versatile mid-sized vehicle, Ford's range of commercial vehicles has you covered. Evaluate your needs carefully and make an informed decision to drive your business forward with the perfect vehicle tailored to your requirements.

Visit your nearest TCH Ford dealership to explore these options and make the choice that suits your business best.



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