Protecting Your Commercial Vehicle from Theft: The Essential Tips


Keeping Your Van Safe

Darker Nights Increase the Risk of Van Theft

It’s true that commercial vehicles become more vulnerable to theft during the upcoming darker months. Van theft has seen a drastic increase in the past few years with the current economic climate and the rise of organised crime groups. Opportunistic theft also remains a concern as well, with these amateur thieves often leaving more damage during the break-in.

Understanding the Risk of Commercial Vehicle Theft

There are several ways in which theft can harm your business. Theft of tools, stock, laptops, phones, and even customer data can lead to significant losses. A van is seen as an attractive target that can be stolen or broken into, resulting in loss of earnings and higher insurance premiums. Not only that, the impact on your brand's reputation and disappointing clients could bring additional loss. It’s important to understand the risk of commercial vehicle theft to your business and how to stop it.

Effective Methods to Prevent Theft of Tools and Equipment

TC Harrison Ford want you to feel as safe as possible leaving your pride and joy parked outside in the winter months, so we have rounded up some of the top tips and tricks to prevent the theft of tools and equipment, and what to do in the unfortunate case it happens to you.

  • Park in well-lit areas to discourage opportunistic theft
  • Remove tools and equipment from the vehicle where possible
  • Use a “No Tools in Van” sign, regardless of whether you have taken the tools out or not
  • If possible, try and park the van so that the rear and side loading doors are as close to walls and fences as possible
  • Record serial numbers of the tools you leave in your vehicle, so they will be easier to track down if anything does happen to them
  • You should also have a look at Tell TVL, an initiative dedicated to reporting incidents and combatting theft