Reasons to Buy an Ex-Demo


Purchasing an ex-demo can be a highly economical way to get behind the wheel of a low mileage, nearly new car at a lower price. An ex-demo vehicle is a car that dealerships have previously used for display purposes and for customer test drives.

Pros of Buying an Ex-Demo

Ex-demo cars can be great vehicles for people to purchase. They have many pros, including:
Discounted sale price: As the car has been owned by the dealership, used as a display model in the showrooms and for test drives, this means it will have a lower price in comparison to if you were buying the same model brand new.
Lower mileage: One of the main benefits of an ex-demo vehicle is the low mileage compared to vehicles of a similar age. Whilst the car will clock up some miles out on test drives, the majority of its time will be spent in the showroom on display.
Kept in great condition: As they are former display vehicles, it’s likely that the ex-demo car you’re looking at will have been kept in excellent condition. TC Harrison Ford always puts the utmost care into maintaining our demonstration vehicles, ensuring they look their best at all times.
High-spec models: Ex-demo cars tend to be one of the highest trim levels that the vehicle comes in, and often will feature the best technology and optional extras to really showcase the model during its time on display.
Warranty: As the car is nearly new, there will be the remainder of the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty left giving you that additional peace of mind.

Not Convinced Yet?

Still don’t think an ex-demo is for you? We understand that you might not be sure yet, so we’ve rounded up some concerns you might have and our solution for you.
You won’t be the first registered owner: We know that for some, getting to be the first name on a new car’s books is a big thing. However, we hope that the discount and very low mileage you get on these ex-demo vehicles is enough to entice you. Also – the first keeper will be TC Harrison Ford, so you’ll know exactly where the car has been and what it’s been up to before you purchase.
Mileage: Although the car will have some mileage on it from various test drives, TCH Ford have a range of excellent service plans for your peace of mind and to keep your vehicle performing at its best for longer.

Easy to find: Interested? Lucky for you we have all our ex-demo vehicles in one, easy place for you to find our website.