Swapping your Ford Fiesta for a Ford Puma


Sleek and Compact

After Ford announced they were discontinuing production of the Ford Fiesta, we understand that our customers will be looking for a suitable alternative. Let us introduce you to the stylish, versatile and functional Ford Puma.
The Ford Fiesta is renowned for being a small hatchback with big character. We know that Fiesta customers will be looking for a car that is also compact and easy to manoeuvre. This is why the Ford Puma is a brilliant choice.
The Puma is only wider than the Fiesta by 7cm, meaning that it will feel roomier inside and you will still find it easy to navigate tight spaces. The Puma is also only 6.1cm taller than the Fiesta. So, if a small, nippy vehicle is what you are looking for, the Puma is a perfect replacement.


Plenty of Space

The biggest difference in size between the two vehicles is the Puma’s extra 14.6cm in length.  This added body length allows the Puma to have an impressive 11% more cargo space in the boot than the Fiesta, whilst still keeping its compact nature. The Puma also contains a hidden compartment underneath the floor of the boot, known as the MegaBox, for you to utilise. 
The MegaBox is made from durable plastic and has a drain at the bottom, meaning it is perfect for muddy shoes and equipment to be hosed down without risk of getting the interior dirty. The MegaBox can also be used so that tall items such as golf clubs can be stored in the back upright.



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