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What are the Ford Door Edge Protectors

Door edge protectors

What are Ford Door Edge Protectors?

Fords innovate Door Edge Protectors help prevent annoying dents and scratches to your car and others, by providing an effective barrier between vehicles and surfaces when you open your door.

How does it work?

Made out of a special rubber compound, Ford Door Edge Protectors work by using a concealed flap, which springs into position within milliseconds when the door is open to provide a soft buffer, and slots back into position just as quickly when shutting the door – meaning that it will be back in place even when the door is slammed shut. It is effective against more than 90 percent of obstructions to the front doors, and 85 percent to the rear doors.

Ford hope that the Door Edge Protectors can help keep down the cost of body and paint repairs, with a dented door costing up to £250 to be fixed.

A pair of sumo wrestlers demonstrate how the Ford Door Edge Protectors work perfectly in the video below.

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Need more information?

The Door Edge Protector is designed to withstand heavy usage and can sustain 1,000 cycles, but a new one can easily be fitted as a new unit can be clipped into place.

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