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New Keyfob to Prevent Relay Attack Theft

11 April 2019

New Keyfob to Prevent Relay Attack Theft Ford has announced enhanced keyless entry technology on the new Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models to make them harder to steal.

Now, the keyless entry fobs become disabled when they're not being used to prevent the 'relay attacks' thieves use to steal a car. The new motion sensor fitted inside the Ford keyfob now detects when it has been stationary for longer than 40 seconds and triggers the 'sleep' mode which won't respond to attempts to hack the signal.

When you move the key by picking it up inside your house and taking it to the car, all functionality is restored. The Ford fobs are designed to operate only within a two-metre radius of the car they are bonded to. The new fobs are already being delivered with the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Fiesta Van and will be delivered with the Ford Focus production next month.

Ford will roll out the same motion-sensor technology across the other models in the next two years. Plus, another innovation from new Form models is a 10-minute software lockdown if the vehicle's alarm is triggered which further reduces the thieves chance to illegitimately programme keys.

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